Well, it makes us proud.....

Here at Mountain Wild HQ we don't like to blow our own trumpet too loudly (because it looks a bit show-offy) but we do get a warm glow when we are thanked in person for our customer service.

So, it's even better when we get it in writing - it means we have proof to show off. Here are some excerpts from emails received from a few of our satisfied online customers this year:

“Thank you for the prompt service, I received the size 7 pair today”

 “Thank you for your help Sue. Boots arrived today March 27th and the samples are appreciated (are you trying to tell me something in a very nice way). Joking apart you have been more than helpful. Thank you once again”

 “Dear Sue, Thank you very much! A pleasure shopping with you!”

“Excellent news and thank you - your customer service is first class!”

 “Many thanks for your excellent customer service - I have been most impressed”

 “I thank you for your excellent advice, help and service”

 “I have received the goods this afternoon, quick service given the bank

Like I said, makes us feel proud….